2015-2016 TEAM ROSTER

Our teams have traditionally been defined as the Varsity and the Junior Varsity teams.  The
teams are divided into the two teams based upon the following criteria:  age, weight and
years of experience.  Listed below are the 2015-2016 Teams.

    Varsity Team

Landon Brubacker
Collin Evans

Aaron Seidel
Anthony Musser
Matthew Musser
Zane Trostle
Ashton Kriss
Austin Yesko
Isaiah Angley
Connor Guare
Samual Bechtel
Caeden Sechrist
Steven Smith Jr.
Chase Arnold
Amber Leedom
Steven Rosado
Carter Tice
Cole Doster
Jesse Walters
Andrew Fields
Luke Furlow
Kyle Miller
Klint Miller

    Junior Varsity Team

Isabelle Gill
Isaac Tanger
Zachary Wiczalkowski
Braden Brandt
Kylee Trostle
Collin Carpenter
Liam Jacoby
Ezra Kohl
Scot Polynone
Colin Turner
Landen Rutter
Aleric Raihl
Cameron Long
Landon Weikel
Silas Maldanado
Bryson Moyer
Wayne Brensinger
Zachary Leedom
Blake Gipe
Brayden Gipe
Henry Furlow
Simon Bird
Wyatt Miller
Christian Ebling
Ethan Clemens
Rowan McGee
Ben Grier
Asher Grier

Damien Cordero
Patryck Baker